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Peer recovery specialists are individuals who have lived experience with substance use disorder, either personally or as a family caregiver, and understand the process of recovery maintenance. They use their own experience to help others with substance use and other mental health challenges. They provide personally informed support and guidance on the recovery journey through shared understanding, respect, and mutual empowerment.

Peer recovery specialists are certified and work in a variety of settings, ranging from hospitals and clinics to schools and community organizations. They may provide individual or group counseling, lead peer support groups, act as mentors, advocate for people in recovery, or provide outreach and education services.

Peer recovery specialists play a vital role in the recovery process. They can help people to connect with others who understand what they are going through, to develop coping mechanisms, and to find resources and support services. They can also help people to develop a sense of hope and optimism about their recovery. These peers provide a personal example, helping to reduce the stigma associated with addiction. Peers are part of Mountain Maryland Forward’s program, and this project will enable us to expand access to more certified peer recovery specialists.

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